Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Abducted to Kill in Planning Stage

“Abducted to Kill is a romantic suspense story of Joseph’s abduction to fight and kill in the army of the Hezbollah, his determination to maintain his faith in God and save his loved ones at all costs. It is the story of his miraculous escape and harrowing journey back to safety in the United States and back into the arms of his waiting fiancĂ©e.”


Higher Ground Films, producing films glorifying to God

Our objective is to produce high quality films glorifying to God. Our first film, Abducted to Kill is a romantic suspense where love and faith shine through even in the dark.

Follow our progress on social media. Add comments, questions, suggestions, encouragement, and input to our routine as we put together our first film.


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Friday, May 10, 2013

Seeking Crew for Christian Films

Higher Ground Films is in early development on the film, Abducted to Kill. Some info can be found here: Abducted to Kill -- Movie Database

We're taking applications for Christian crew for this and future films--all job descriptions. If you're a Christian with experience in the film industry and would like to work in Christian film-making then we have the same goal.

Consider joining us in our quest to produce quality Christian and family films. 

Have you read Abducted to Kill yet? Find the first volume here: Abducted to Kill: The Terror Regime

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Higher Ground Films Mission

Higher Ground Films Mission

Higher Ground Films was formed to produce films glorifying to God with high quality and the firm, untwisted biblical message of hope. Our goal is to concentrate on value for budget so that secular audiences will be interested and seek out this good, wholesome, and entertaining style of filmmaking.

We strongly feel that our mission is to the lost. To those who have received Christ our mission is secondary--as a reinforcement and guide to the trials and tribulations of those without hope which we all once were.

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