Updated Mission Statement - 7/3/2013

                              MISSION STATEMENT

The primary mission of Higher Ground Films is to reach the un-churched and lost through high-quality motion pictures, television programs and other creative digital media using the biblical message of hope and love through Jesus Christ.

Our secondary purpose is to guide Christians through the trials and tribulations which all peoples on this earth will face in the times ahead regardless of their faith—according to Bible scripture and what we are seeing in current events.
Until now, Christians and others have viewed the persecuted church at a distance. Our mission is to bring the suffering up close and personal while exposing the tactics that are being used against the people of God. Our goal is to produce high quality fiction films inspired by true events. Our desire is to glorify God with these films and other media while dispersing the romantic assumption that we are the heroes and they are the ones persecuted.

Unlike traditional Christian films, Higher Ground Films tells stories that appeal to both Christians  and non-Christians alike, using a wholesome and entertaining storytelling style. In accomplishing this goal, we employ the best practices that follow God’s instructions for the staff and employees at Higher Ground Films to be good stewards of our talents, and the resources He gives us.

We hope to draw our audiences closer, giving them a glimpse into the real lives of those forced to hide their faith in order to avoid persecution, and clarify the false assumptions that this could never happen to us. This persecution could, and is beginning to happen to us in some parts of the United States, England, Australia and other countries as it infiltrates, impacts, and distorts our society, our politics, our laws and our faith.

Higher Ground Films will employ the best time-proven Hollywood storytelling and production techniques; use talented actors, directors and crew; create productions that entertain and inform audiences; and be good stewards of the resources that are given to us as we spread Christ’s message to the world.

In everything we do, Higher Ground Films will be led by prayer, devotion to God, strong Christian principles, and by demonstrating love and patience to those who disagree with us. We will be a positive example and witness for Christians and unbelievers alike. Our vision is for movies, TV shows, documentaries, educational videos, books, other creative digital content, mentoring and training programs produced by Higher Ground Films to be a legacy reflecting Christ’s love that outlives all of us.

Our inspirational scripture comes from: Mark 16:15,
Then he told them, "As you go into all the world, proclaim the gospel to everyone.” *

* International Standard Version (©2012)

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