Higher Ground Films Newsletter: Volume 1

By Bradley Harter 

Our world is overflowing with real life stories of individuals who have faced seemingly impossible odds while they cling to a hope that stirs within. That hope comes from the love of God.

Higher Ground Films is dedicated to capturing these stories as movies and sharing them with the world. These movies will glorify God with the firm, untwisted biblical message of hope and love, while maintaining the high quality standards the big screen demands.

Higher Ground Films’ seasoned team of professionals are one step closer to putting the award winning fiction book of the year, Escape the Hezbollah, into production as Abducted to Kill, the movie. Abducted to Kill will grab the hearts of many through romance and suspense as a young man battles to keep his faith in God alive while protecting the ones he loves.

On behalf of the Higher Ground Films team, we hope you will walk alongside us as we get closer to production. You will receive updates, time lines, and progress reports via email as they happen.

We can’t do this without you.

So come along and take this journey with us. Our world needs to hear the truth more than ever before. Through your prayers, support, and donations we can all play a part in revealing God’s glory during these trying times!

Please click on the link to check out our Indiegogo Platform and learn about our unique perks. 

A personal message from the founder of Higher Ground Films LLC and producer of Abducted to Kill: “Three years of research, struggle, and concern went into the writing of Escape the Hezbollah. Throughout these years I could see God’s hand every step of the way, in every chapter, and in every twist and turn in my writing. It had to be from Him, His message, and His guidance, not from my own pre-conceived notions or ideals.” –Pola Muzyka

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