When Is Turning The Other Cheek Not Enough?

When Is Turning The Other Cheek Not Enough? 

By Porter Versfelt III - Member, Board of Directors, Higher Ground Films 

(Atlanta, Georgia) Four days ago, at the height of the massive rocket attacks against Israel from the Palestinian stronghold of the neighboring Gaza territory - and Israel’s attempts to protect itself and it’s citizens - we decided to write about how this is affecting everyday Israelis. It has taken four days to write this because the situation there and the story keeps changing by the minute. It is difficult to keep up with. But it is extraordinarily difficult for the people of Israel, and those of Gaza, to live under this continuous stress and threat of injury and death. As of this posting, Israel has called a new cease fire even though a previous cease fire was interrupted by Palestinian rockets.

See Report: Israelis Traumatized by Bombs, Taking Sleeping Pills to Find Rest

As of the writing of this commentary in the evening of the 16th of July, some 1,000+ Palestinian rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israeli territory since 07 July when Israel launched what it calls “Operation Protective Edge”. That happened after some 450+ rockets were fired since the beginning of the year at Israel. Some have reached neighboring Israeli towns such as Sderot, while others are reaching further than ever before to parts of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem as well as many places all over Israeli territory.

Five-million Israeli’s are at risk. They have been increasingly at risk since Israel gave up the Gaza territory along the Mediterranean Sea in 2005 to the Palestinians. Since then enemy rockets and missiles have rained down into Israel from Gaza at various times. 11,000 or so in total.

The IDF - or Israeli Defense Forces - have published excellent graphics and a detailed
report showing the chronology of the 15,000- plus rockets that have been fired from Gaza into Israel since 2001, detail the types of rockets being used and Israel’s responses over

Unanswered questions are, "Where is Hamas getting the rockets and/or the money to produce these rockets?  What is their ultimate objective? Why do they keep using civilians as human shields? Doesn't this show a weakness and cowardice on the part of Hamas-Fatah? How long will the world believe the distortions?"

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