Young Leaders Learn What the Media is Leaving Out

Young Leaders Learn What the Media is Leaving Out

70 Young Christian Leaders from 20 different countries gather to support Israel.
By Pola Muzyka 
These 70 Christian leaders bravely entered a war-torn Israel to get a closer look at the truth behind the roots of religious persecution. They are meeting with Holocaust survivors, visiting new Jewish immigrants who have returned to the homeland including new immigrants from Ethiopia, and meeting with IDF soldiers who are defending Israel’s borders. DCIM100GOPRO
Ebenezer Operation Exodus. a Christian Ministry that is helping the Jewish people from around the world immigrate to Israel, orchestrated this vital mission called Engage Israel.
The Engage Israel program aims to build a team of young global leaders who are ready to take a stand as they gain vital, first hand information in the support of Israel. This hands on training features details of Israeli persecution, past and present.
While in Israel they are rolling up their sleeves to help the Jewish people by participating in volunteer work, as they learn more about the culture, geography, and the customs. Enjoying the hospitality of the Israeli people is a welcome perk of their trip.
"Throughout the Engage Israel trip this year in particular, participants have been able to tangibly see the difference between what the global media presents to the world and the truth of what Israel is really like. Connecting with locals at every opportunity and even meeting with Soldiers on the Northern border, we have felt secure throughout our time here. Certainly these 75  young adults will return to their 18 different nations as Ambassadors for the truth and for this land. " --Katie Stucken, Engage Representative for South East Asia Oceania.
The young participants are between the ages of 18 and 35 from New Zealand, Australia, India, Portugal, Estonia, Denmark, Solomon Islands, UK, South Africa, Switzerland, France, Germany, Argentina, Paraguay, Mexico, Spain, The Netherlands and Italy.

“It is important to bring these young adults at a time like this, so that they can see the difference between the media and reality,” explained Tom Brooker, Engage Israel’s team leader. “We want to demonstrate to Israel that they have friends who will stand by them, no matter what the situation is. We want them to go back to their churches and encourage Christians worldwide to stand up for the truth.”
"At a time when we see how anti-Semitism is flourishing throughout the world, these young leaders will be the future supporters of the return of Diaspora Jewry to Israel,” said Moshe Gabay, associate director of Keshet Educational Journeys, which developed and operates this program.

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