A Message From Dr. Gene Steiner

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Hello, I'm Gene Steiner, the CEO of the feature film production project, Abducted To Kill. Along. Together with the Executive Producer, Pola Muzyka, we are asking for your help in telling this important story as a powerful motion picture.

If you are an investor interested in taking part in seeing the completion of this 3.5 to 5.0 million dollar film, please contact: Bob Bellmore at or email him at:

Your financial partnership investment or contribution is needed and welcomed. This is an exciting time now that we are in pre-production! 

And be sure to click on to learn more about this exciting and timely story that absolutely must be told in film. It is based upon true accounts of individuals' lives caught in the crossfire of Jihad as told in the award winning novel, Escape the Hezbollah.

Abducted To Kill will keep viewers captivated from beginning to end!
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Update on Our First Film

 The Meat and Potatoes of Higher Ground Films

Many of you don't realize that we've been meeting for almost four years to launch the first of the many films we hope to produce in the coming years. Our goal has been perfection in Christian Filmmaking. If we can, theoretically, produce a prime motion picture we will have more hope of continuing on in the years to come. Of course, we know that God is in control and guiding our every step.

Where We Are Now

We have three scripts written with two more on the way and hopefully many more in the future. The first, Abducted to Kill, has been rewritten several times, and then sent to be evaluated by the American media critic and Chairman of the Christian Film and Television Commission, Dr. Ted Baehr.

The script came back to us with the evaluation and suggested changes. We received this evaluation with much joy. On a scale from A to F our first film script received an A. The changes are almost complete and the script will be sent back for a second evaluation.

What We Hope to Accomplish and When

This year we hope to secure the investment funding from one or more of the investors who have shown interest in our project so that we may be able to begin production. If you are an investor and you wish to become a part of the investment process please contact Bob Bellmore at Trillion Capitol, His contact information is included below.

When we begin pre-production we will send out notices for cast and crew. In the meantime you may find us at the CFDb: or at

Keep an eye out for updated information on any of our Higher Ground Film websites.

Our Film Board Team:

Pola Muzyka
Lena Nelson Dooley
Bob Bellmore
Mike Gorga
Joshua Muzyka
Gene Steiner

701 First St., Suite 102, PO Box 1524, Williamsport, PA 17703
(Phone) 888-490-0100    (Cell Phone) 570-337-7501
(Email)  (Fax) 412-774-2857
L R Bellmore Jr JD MBA BSME  NMLS #691243 Managing Director

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