Developing the Higher Ground Films Company Model

We at Higher Ground Films have been developing our business model as well as the work on the film perspectives for after our official launch. Our goal is to continue to do films for many years that will be glorifying to God, family friendly, and of course, entertaining.

Since some of us have been in the industry for decades, and subsequently, in the business of developing a model for Christian or family films, we have acquired multiple contacts for each aspect of our productions.

The various departments we're staffing and accepting applications or resumes for include, but are not limited to:
  1. The above-the-line production staff.
  2. The production crew, including all ancillaries. 
  3. The cast, wardrobe, location securing and management, make-up and all other ancillaries.
  4. Provisions for housing and meals or per diem, for all involved production personnel. 
  5. Equipment purchase where responsibly investible, otherwise we intend to secure rentals.
  6. Transportation for all members of the cast, crew, or other personnel.
  7. Security, licensing, and insurance and more.

Movie production locations are influential and increase tourism to those communities and their convention centers, as well as increasing the popularity of potential homesites to these areas.
As a result, the economic impact of our investments will result in cumulative employment from our industry presence and will provide related jobs in the first five years.

  1. This film production company presently has a slate of seven films in various stages of planning and production.
  2. The next film to be produced is titled Abducted to Kill... 
A Christian Drama - Abducted to Kill is the award-winning, romantic suspense story of Joseph’s abduction to fight and kill in the army of the Hezbollah and his determination to maintain his faith in God and save his loved ones at all costs. The story of his miraculous escape and harrowing journey back to safety in the United States and into the arms of his waiting fiancĂ©e.
    • We have selected and expect to cast internationally known actors who are both financially and creatively viable in terms of pre-sales and financing, and who can satisfy the Creative Producer and Director’s vision for the film.
    • We have created a realistic and financially responsible budget sufficient to deliver high-quality Hollywood-style production values with an eye to expenditures and sensitivity to
    • We have developed a viable investment and financing plan for the film and to obtain such investments for the financing of the film.
    • We have begun to hire department heads and crew who will bring their extensive and unique knowledge and expertise to the production, including active recent career experiences in order to deliver the best possible value for the investment.
    • We are setting up the groups to successfully market the film, including capitalizing on the interest of the domestic and foreign markets by using traditional film marketing techniques, enhanced with grassroots campaigns, heavy social media implementation, media tours, church groups, and a we have devised a new plan of action to conform to our present P&A needs.
    • We also intend to capitalize on all ancillary rights for the Picture.

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