Higher Ground Films Update

We're proud to announce that our first film has come a long way since its beginning. We have written and rewritten the script, sent it in for evaluation and recommendations from one the finest filmmakers in the business, Dr. Ted Baehr, American media critic and Chairman of the Christian Film and Television Commission.

Dr. Baehr is also the publisher and Editor-in-Chief of MOVIEGUIDE®, a website and biweekly journal that evaluates motion pictures and other entertainment products from a conservative Christian perspective on suitability for family consumption. Ted Baehr also hosts nationally and internationally syndicated MOVIEGUIDE® radio and television programs.

Our cinematic projects such as Abducted to Kill, River Child, Guerrilla Fighter, and the others we may choose to produce will reflect our desire to tell stories that impact audiences in ways that will stay with them well beyond their time spent watching the films.
Our goal is to have every filmmaker, crew member, talent, and financier that works with us to want to repeat the experience. In other words, we want to be able to share, grow, and develop as a team. This means being responsible to the budgets while we aim to meet the constantly changing needs of artistic value in the subsequent work we do.
Higher Ground Films goals are not only to produce works that will glorify God, entertain, and teach through Biblically acceptable and enhancing stories but also, to maintain artistic integrity in product and process.

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